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Snake Repellent

We are acclaimed as one of the most trusted Outdoor Snake Repellent Suppliers, based in India. We provide effective Snake Repellent that is efficient to repel both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. Our Snake Away Repellent is efficacious to get rid of snakes in the premises of any domestic or commercial place. The material is available in the form of solid powder in half kg packing. This Snake-Out Repellant has to be used as a barrier to stop entry of snakes in a particular area this way we can manage snakes.
Snake Repellent
Similar Testing :
  Over ten years of independent research and follows-up testes were also conducted by Dr. T's nature Products. Inc. The effectiveness of the repellent is demonstrated by the following experiments performed with various species and the products has been found to have a rate of efficacy that varies from 17% to 100% depending on the individual species. The same composition with little modification we have taken into consideration for Indian conditions.
Specification :
* 87.5% Aakistrodon Controtirix Copperhead
* 75% Coluber Constrictor Black Racer
* 91% Crotalus Adamanteus Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
* 91% Crotalus Attrox Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
* 91% Crotalus Horrids Timber Rattlesnake
* 91% Crotalus Rubber RED Diamondback Rattlesnake
* 91% Crotalus Viridis Pacific Rattlesnake
* 17% Elaphe guttata Corn or Red Rat Snake
* 21% Aakistrodon Platyrhinos Cotton Mouth
* 47% Elphe obsoleta Yellow Rat Snake
* 100% Heterodon Platyrhinos Cotton Mouth
* 47% Elaphe Obsoloeta Yellow Rat Snake
* 100% Heterodon Platryrhinos Easter Hognose Snake
* 100% Micrurus Fulvius Eastern Coral Snake
* 50% Phython molorus Burmese Python
* 100% Thamnophis marcianus Checkered Garter snake
  The product snake out is mostly used by farmers, Dairy and site developers.
  We provide training to understand why snakes are encroaching your home or area.
  What is the right solution by integrated snake management and how to use snake out for the best results.