Pestomatic Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Pest Control Products
We are a company dedicated to providing quality products and services. Our products are species specific, being pest biology based and designed to work with utmost efficiency. Our expert team of quality control inspectors checks each and every product on various parameters before approving their quality. They are designed with great care and expertise, and are user friendly as well as safe. There is no displacement of material while being sent to the pest control operators.
As insects undergo four stages in life cycle i. e. Egg, Cavil, Cocoon, Adult at different places. Noone pesticide can kill them all at once. So we call them using attractions. To these insect we manage using Bait.
The product we manufacture are best on biology of insect attraction. Insects are called. Attracted insects we manage by use of our bait. The bait contains low toxicity poison. The baits have insect growth regulator.