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Suppliers : Living Insects

Mosquito Repellents - 01

Method of Application
* Dissolve entire powder in Ltr. of water stir for 5 mins Mosquito
* Take supernatant suspension in spray tank and pressure it
* Use Flat fan (as pee 80800) or Adjustable Neggle with 80 degree swath. Discharge 80 ml./min. for spray. Operate with 40 psi pressure.
* Spraying should be done in vertical swath of 75 cm wide swath should overlap by 5 cm. Spray from roof to floor using down word motion to complete on swath step aside and spray up words
* To ensure correct swath width keep spray tip 45 cm away from wall
* Continue spraying in clockwise direction to complete room
* Time : To complete 2 meter. High wall 5 second are required.
* Use protective cloths, goggles, gloves, face mask, etc. at the time of spray
* Never spray in open space: Spray on walls and Roof (ceiling) as indoor spray
* Don't spray empty stomach, Avoid smoking, drinking, eating, chewing during spray
* Avoid inhalation of spray mist
* Keep pesticide away from reach of children. Don't store with food article
* Switch off fan, A.C., etc., of Home while spray for uniform spraying
* Switch on fan, A.C., etc. open doors, windows immediately after spray
* You are free from all pest for 4 months.