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Cockroach Controlling Gel
We are among the most renowned Natural Cockroach Controlling Gel Suppliers in the country. Our Cockroach Controlling Gel is extremely effective and widely used to get rid of both big and small cockroaches. Our Herbal Cockroach Controlling Gel makes the premises free of cockroaches within few days with the help of entomopathogenic Active ingredient and organic glue. Besides, the effect of our Cockroach Controlling Gel bait last for longer period of time. The material is available in gel form in a pet bottle and in bulk to pest control operators. Also the material is available in form of sugar bait crystals. These crystals work immediately after throwing in a particular area of infestation with some precautions.
Cockroach Repellent Gel
  How to Use Gel :
* Shake well and break open the seal of Squeeze bottle
* Make hole at the tip of dropping bottle
* Material will ooze out
* Take this material in a clean dish or on clean paper and smear this material to it and place in areas where cockroach occurs OR apply drops directly or smear in areas where pest occurs in Gaps of Furniture or at junctions of kitchen trolley.
* Attracted pest will feed upon pheromone based food bait.
* Next day you will find some Cockroach dull, quiet, calm (you can collect them to throw outside of your home) & many cockroaches migrating from your home or get trapped on glue.
* Now within 8 days you will be free from ants, mole cricket & termite also.
* Biosynthesized trail pheromones fascinate migration of insect colony to new site. Your place will be pest free in hours or in 2/7 days.
* Use complete dose of material at once and use appropriate dose for 100% result.
  Specification :
Dose (ml) Area (Soft)
5 100
10 600
15 900
25 1200
Storage : Store in cool & dry place. (at 5 C temp. for long time)
Content : Biosynthesized natural Pheromones in Carbohydrates. Eg. periplanone. Tmil Pheromone, Mono Terpenoids, etc. in trace.